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Have you wondered how to offer
a bright future
to the Sri Lankan people?
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Our Projects

Building 1000-member resilient communities

We empower Mannar District villages, by implementing economic, social, and environmental projects.

Raised: 5,000€ of 50,000€


Enabling 100 women to operate dry food businesses

We teach women from vulnerable communities in the Badulla district to sell their hand grown organic garden produce.

Raised: 1,850€ of 1,850€


Training 120 women in agroecological farming

Women from vulnerable communities in the Northern Province are trained in organic farming to secure a stable income.

Raised: 1,000€ of 1,000€

$ 21500

Donations Received


Total Members


Lives Impacted

$ 50000

Donation Needed


Successful Projects

We empower entire villages actively to offer a bright future to Sri Lanka

Community-based ecosystems we build at the village level in Sri Lanka offer an effective and sustainable solution to the severe socio-economic crisis that has been rocking the country since May 2022.

Community ecosystems empower Sri Lankan villages globally.

Among the many benefits of community ecosystems, is the increased self-sufficiency of the communities in essential areas of life, including food, goods, services, and social and cultural activities.